Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tuesday, September 7

Objectives: To mine for ideas for writing.
Freewrite: NONe

Lessons:  Writing Territories
To begin Writer’s workshop we need to discover a list of topics that we can write about. You will be asked to write about things that interest you this year. You will be asked to write four major essays and complete one Multi-genre project that will be a culmination of the whole of your independent reading.
We’ll work together to come up with personal lists of writing territories today. We’re going to do a couple of brain drain ideas to mine for ideas.

First in your notebook list.
  • a. Five people important to you (living, dead, famous or not, real or imaginary, etc.)
  • b. Five places you would like to visit (real or imaginary)
  • c. Five movies you like
  • d. Five activities you love.
  • e. Five important issues facing people in our society
Give yourself permission to get off of the lines, to draw pictures and to write down anything that comes to mind. If a thought happens, no matter how silly. . . Write it down.

Now from these 25 things we’ve listed, there have to be stories attached. What are some of the stories.
From the stories look for things that could add to the territories.

I do (my own territories on the board)
We do (discuss together)
They do (get ideas from each other)

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