Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday, September 9

Objectives: Students will think with literature
Students will develop factual, inductive, and analytical questions based on the literature they are reading.

Freewrite: “There was a time when people used literature to think. “ –Philip Roth Exit Ghost
                   Annotate the quote on the board and define literature. Then set the students writing about what they think the quote means.

Talk about the definition of literature and what it means to think about literature

Movement of literature from print to electronic media of all types.
            Draw Time line on the board…
How do we think?
             In questions…So we should question literature!
Types of questions from Jim Burke worksheet. Discuss types of questions and walk the students through examples of them.
Have the students read The Flowers by Alice Walker in class silently or in partners. Pages 333-334 in American Short Stories 1920 to Present.
Types of questions worksheet
The Flowers by Alice Walker

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