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Thursday, October 27, 2010

Freewrite: Life change is a heart issue not a legislative issue.

Lesson: The Crucible Discussion
    1. Discuss the Freewrite. Compare to The Biggest Loser. Unless change comes from the inside it doesn't last even when it's something as simple as losing weight. .
       The Puritan life revolved around their religion. Isn't the main point of religion to cause "life change?"
   2. If so, then why didn't it change the lives of those involved in the witch trials?
   3. If the religion that the Puritans enforced so religiously was supposed to create pure life then why were so many sins evident in Salem: adultery, vengeance, hate, lying, stealing, greed, and pride?

4. Read pages 1252-1256
Talk about how societies that legislate pure living foster rebellion.
Communism, religious societies of various creeds, and so on.

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