Sunday, December 30, 2012

Reader's Workshop for The Great Gatsby

It's Lesson Planning time....

The essential skills:
What are the best aspects of literature to teach with Gatsby?

  • Setting
    • History
    • Description
  • Narrative Voice
    • Why would Fitzgerald choose this voice?
    • The role of the narrator? What's he for?
  • Theme
    • The American Dream
    • Gluttony of Wealth
    • The appeal of social climbing
    • American Caste system?

Bare bones structure of how the Workshop will work (Hah! I laugh at the redundancy of that).
We read The Great Gatsby as a mentor text practicing all of the essential skills, then students read their own novel of choosing. Something from the time period or about the time period (I want to make a list for students to choose from).

My ideas for how this workshop will work are very much based on Cris Tovani's work and helped by Kelly Galagher. The mini-lessons will primarily follow the Big Read (linked below) only condensed.

I intend to give a pre-assessment and and a post-assessment so that I can see where I'm landing as far as teaching. I feel like I need to have the data to back-up my teaching. I also need to pull the Common Core Standards to align with this plan.

The Great Gatsby Movie Trailer
SCC English Gatsby ShowMe
Dumbing Down Gatsby
American Dream in Gatsby
The Great Gatsby Big Read

I had to add this video! I just found this and it's AWESOME!
Crash Course Literature The Great Gatsby 1
Crash Course Literature The Great Gatsby 2

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