Friday, September 9, 2011

Peer Review in E3

Today we're working on Peer Review. It's the first time I've introduced it to this group and I was elated at how well they did. The last couple of years have felt like beating baby rabbits while trying to teach students how to peer review. It's not a natural process for them when it comes to writing. They are great at reviewing each other in Facebook statuses, but not each other's writing. Anyway! I felt like today was extremely successful and the only thing I did different was draft with them while they were working on their essays and share my draft today. I read it to them talked about my process of writing it and asked them to comment on it right there in front of me. I responded to them. Allowed them again respond or rebut what I said and wallah! When I set them free to conference with each other they were motivated and giving excellent comments to each other! I am so excited about this first batch of essays. I'm looking forward to good things from these kids.

Here is a link to the instructions I gave them.

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